So, Where did this idea come from?

The seed of this stripping plot was first planted in my mind about a year and a half ago.  My house mate and I were watching a programme on BBC3 called Table Dancing Diaries about the lives of the girls who danced in a top London strip club.  Of course we both asked each other “could you do that?” and of course we both answered “no, it’d be too weird!”  It was an idea I wouldn’t let myself entertain at the time.

In the past year the idea had been brought up again by a few people, sometimes jokingly, one seriously: could I be a stripper?  Of course again I’d say “no, don’t be ridiculous.  What would my parents say?”  But then, finishing uni, with the prospect of going home and going backwards it got me thinking… maybe I could do this.  So now I am carrying out extensive research on how to do it and, most importantly, how to make good money.

If I could earn really good money from stripping, I would only have to work a few nights a week.  This would give me free time to work on all the other things that interest me as well as allow me to save up cash for the future.  I could also express my more crazy, colourful creative side; dressing up (stripping off!) and entertaining.  It is, so far as I can see, an absolute win-win situation.

However, without getting carried away, it is important with any career choice to carry out as much research as possible to know what you could really be in for…


2 thoughts on “So, Where did this idea come from?

  1. I understand this debate very well. It sounds like what was going through my own head when I decided to start dancing. It worked out for me, my uni bills are being paid and I’m setting aside money for when I graduate. It’s a huge decision and I wish you lots of luck!

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