I went shopping today, or investing as I will call it.  It’s an investment in my enterprise.  I’m trying to get over the fact that in order to invest in my enterprise I must spend money on myself.  This is something I’m not in the habit of doing.  I never get my nails done or wear expensive make up and clothes normally.  But now I must remember that I’m not spending money on spoiling myself or being vain, I am investing money in my appearance because I am the product (or rather my time is).  So I mustn’t feel guilty about it (as I normally would. I get that from my mum).  I must feel positive and empowered and excited.  That’s why people go shopping isn’t it? The excitement of something new.

So here’s what I bought today:

A ceramic barrel hairbrush

Elnett hairspray

Silver shampoo

Deep red lipstick


A really good set of make- up brushes

Bra and thong

Black underwear x3

Fake diamond stud earring

Little silver necklace

I wandered in to Debenhams for a look at their lingerie and I was very pleasantly surprised.  They had a lot of nice stuff with interesting different designs that were not tacky (unlike Anne Summers and La Senza).  I got a silk bra and thong which I’ve only just read on the label is designed by Dita Von Teese.  They was 20% off too and a total of £36.80 for the set (would have been £46).  I’m tempted to go back and get the suspender belt too.  Would probably be a good idea because then it would make it more of a costume for me and so would better help me get into character.

The little silver necklace is really nice.  It’s simple but classy looking.  It’s also good in the respect that it won’t get in the way when I’m dancing.

My audition is tomorrow.  I’m not gonna lie:  I’m terrified (but excited).


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