Foot Fetish

On Saturday night a drunk man came up to me and asked for a dance.  “I don’t like those” he said gesturing to another stripper’s thigh high stockings.  “I like feet. Will you dance with your feet for me?”  Clearly my new peep toe boots had attracted this man and I thanked the Lord that I had painted all of my toenails and not just the front ones the boots displayed (as I had been tempted to do out of laziness).

“Of course” I said.  This would be fun.

I led him to a booth and started to dance.  I brought one leg up and pressed my heeled boots into his thigh which he liked.  I then rolled back on to the floor in front of him and slowly unzipped one boot at a time, slipping them off and flexing my toes before him.  I then climbed up on to the sofa and improvised, stretching down to stroke my feet down his legs.  He grinned.

Time was up quickly as he had only paid for three minutes.

“Would you like to continue?”

“Can I touch your feet?” he slurred.

I thought a moment.  No harm in that.  “Sure.”

“Can I touch the rest of you?”

Ha! “Afraid not.”

“Then no” and he stumbled out.

Silly man.  Foot fetish or not, no special extras for you!


P.S.  By the way, for any of you ladies or gentlemen who are partial to feet and/or nylon or simply find the idea amusing, I came across this video the other day when searching youtube for videos on how to seductively remove stockings (yes youtube can even be educational to strippers!)  I get that some people would find it most arousing but I just find it god damn funny.  Either way I hope you enjoy it!


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